The Social Contract

The Society:

  • The society is not composed of random individuals who just happened to live in a specific location.
  • If one person or a group of people’s actions affect others, then you are living in a society and are a member of the body politic. From that it follows that your freedom is not absolute but must be rather limited if you want to live in the society.

The Need for the Law:

  • What then determines the limits on each individual’s freedom? It is a set of laws that the society chose to govern how people relate to each other and how they relate to the governing body and how it relates to them.

The Social Contract:

  • Living in a society involves entering in a social contract that gives your rights and assigns you duties and the law of the society guarantees you that. You will perform your duties and expect to be afforded your rights.
  • What happens when the social contract is breached?

Failed states or disintegrated societies:

  • When people or groups choose not to abide by the social contact, they are opting out of the society and starting a society within the society that has its own definition of rights and duties. When this happens, it heralds the beginning of the end of the body politic that delves into a status known as a failed state.

The danger:

  • Some might think that a small group breaching the social contract is too minor to affect the larger body politic but that is a serious mistake because it never stops at one group and almost always ends in a failed state unless….
  • You figure it out.

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