Can a Man Serve Two Masters?

The Role of the Press:

  • The press’ goal is to keep the people informed of the news.
  • The previous statement is both simplistic and vague.
  • How about financing?
  • Who finances the press?
  • Does the loyalty of the press lie with their financiers?
  • Can an employee serve other than his employer?
  • Doesn’t the best interest of an employee lie in insuring their continued employment and therefore their income?
  • Now you must see that the notion of Press independence or Press neutrality must be logically rejected as too unrealistic or outright impossible.
  • The common misunderstanding is that Press can only be coopted by the state.
  • Press can be coopted by entities other than the state and it won’t be realistic to expect it to serve other than the entity that created it in the first place whether it is the state, a corporation and individual or whatever the case may be.
  • As an ordinary citizen where to go to get your news?
  • There is no simple answer to that.
  • Your only savior is your critical thinking if you really want to understand what it really going on.
  • Without critical thinking, your only option is to pick a mouthpiece and listen to its owner’s views and be content in rejecting the other arguments as irrelevant.
  • God save the Republic!


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