What is the role of Government in the Society?

Government’s purpose

Faten Anwar, B.A., M.S., M.B.B.CH

The society establishes a government to legislate, implement the law and adjudicate.

  • Are there other things that we expect governments to do?
  • While, ideally you want the government to be as small as possible to maximize individual freedom, you still need the government to play a role in other than the three main functions stated above.
  • While market economy has proven to be the most efficient and successful economic model, there are areas that can’t be left to the market’s supply and demand laws.
  • These areas include first and foremost education. Education is an investment in the population and can’t be treated as a commercial good unless you want a large swath of the population swimming in ignorance.
  • Why is having a large sector of the society plagued with ignorance dangerous?
  • You can have a high illiteracy rate in a society but that society won’t be able to sustain a democratic system.
  • Democracy can only function in an educated society.
  • The extreme importance of education means that it can’t be left to market laws and that the government must play a vital role in its design and implementation to mirror the society’s values and to build towards its goals.
  • One has to stress the fact that what is important is not the education in and of itself but rather its quality. I am sure, each and every one of us has met someone who is educated in terms of degrees but ignorant in terms of knowledge and the latter is what I mean when I mention ignorance. The divergence between degrees and knowledge is the omen of a failed state.
  • If you are wondering how can someone be educated in terms of degrees but ignorant in terms of knowledge, you have no business reading this presentation.





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