In Defense of the Second Amendment

Is the Problem the Gun or the Shooter?

  • It is sad and gut wrenching news every time there is a violent incident at a school or anywhere. Is the problem in these incidents the gun or the shooter?
  • You tell me.
  • In each one of these instances, calls rise for abolishing gun ownership rights.
  • Do these guns shoot themselves?
  • Why not call for banning cars and trucks as well every time a car or a truck plows in a crowd? Why not ban knives and axes while at it?

 Why do we have the second amendment in the constitution?

  • To protect the people from the government’s overreach and to protect homes from being invaded by the armed forces
  • In addition to that protection, gun ownership is an every day necessity for people living in some locations.
  • Is there a political reason behind the attacks on the second amendment?
  • My answer is “Yes”.
  • I will let you figure out why that is.






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